Widgeon Creek

Widgeon Creek

This weekend we loaded up the trusty Plymouth and drove out to Pitt Lake.
Into the waterproof baggie goes the camera. Now we are allowed to tip. →

We crossed the lake, which had only a couple motorized boats speeding back and forth, and went up Widgeon Creek. We took the left fork of the creek and paddled until we reached a campsite. From here we followed a trail for 30-45 minutes to get to the falls.

We took a little nap next to the falls, drank some beer, then hiked back to the canoe. I steered the canoe on the trip back. No further comment about how that went.

← Collapsing on the ground after portaging the canoe across the parking lot- I have zero upper body strength it turns out.

There is a canoe/kayak shop at Grant Narrow where you can rent for the day or overnight if you don't have your own boat. From the first campsite it is possible to hike to Widgeon Lake which also seems like a cool place to camp or fish.