This week we went to Saltspring Island! The trip was a suprise, Parker planned it and didn’t tell me where we were going. We stayed at Moontide farm in a super cool, mini two story cabin.

Our host at Moontide gave us breakfast every morning in her beautiful home.

It was such a fun couple of days! We hiked up Mount Erksine and saw the fairy doors hidden all along the trail.

We cycled to the southern end of the island to Ruckle Provincial park and had lunch by the water. There were some cows with cool horns and some weird turkeys that chased us.

We had lunch at the Treehouse Cafe and hung out in sleepy Ganges.

We watched Zootopia in a tiny movie theatre, that was more like a community centre, and went skinny dipping in St Mary Lake after spending hours in the middle of the night cycling back and forth, trying to find the one, tiny access point along North End road.

Slow down it’s Saltspring ✌