Grand Canyon: Day 2 & 3

Grand Canyon: Day 2 & 3

On our second day in the Canyon we packed up and hiked to a new campground. Over the Colorado river, and up Devil's Corkscrew to Indian Garden!

A hiccupping squirrel.
Indian Garden used to be inhabited seasonally by an Indian American tribe, the Havasupai. They used to farm there, before they got kicked out by Roosevelt when he wanted to turn the area into a park.
It was a bit overcast while we were hiking, but it wasn't until we were napping in our tent with the fly off that the clouds decided to let loose. I woke up as soon as I felt the first few raindrops on my face, shook awake a super groggy and confused Parker and we managed to save our camp from the torrential downpour that broke out.
As the rain dwindled we hiked out to Plateau Point. The trail cuts through a cacti-dotted plane to a cliff edge with a great view of the surrounding canyon and murky Colorado River below.

Hanging out

Apparently Plateau Point is a great spot to catch the sunrise or sunset, when the sky is clear. We caught a glimpse of the sunset through the clouds.
Accidentally disturbed the privacy of a deer on the way back.

The next morning we woke at 4AM to start the final climb out of the Canyon. Racing the rising sun, we chased the receding shadows up the Bright Angel trail.

We reached the top of the trail just as the sun was beginning to reach us.

Before leaving the park we checked out Desert View Watchtower. The 70-foot tower, built in 1932 and designed to look like an Ancient Pueblo Peoples watchtower, is the highest point on the South rim.

Down to the bottom, back up to the top, through sunburn and rain storm, bubonic plague-infested squirrels and mule manure. We are footsore and sleepy- and so excited to come back and do it again! Next time we won’t be sticking to the main corridor.

-Cal & Parker