Canada Day Camping

Canada Day Camping

This Canada Day weekend we went camping. We didn't have a reservation and everybody told us we wouldn't get a spot at such last minute.. well they were sort of right. We drove to Cat Lake early Friday morning and tried to get a non-reservable site, but they were all full since Wednesday!

We drove out to Pemberton, to go to a spot that someone told us about, on Crown land we supposed. There was a trail off a dirt road that lead to a beach by the river, with a great view of the mountains. There were horseback tours taking place on the trail as we unloaded all our stuff.

After trekking all our stuff in, building a bridge, setting up a rain tarp, and generally getting comfortale, the guy leasing the land showed up to tell us that those horseback tours weren’t just random people, they were part of his business, and we were on his property and needed to leave.

The guy and wife told us about a spot on Lilooet lake, Strawberry Point. So we packed up and drove on.

We got to Strawberry Point after driving down In-Shuck-Ch Forest Service Road for about 6km. The camping area is right on the lake, a 5 minute walk down some trail and stairs. You can camp anywhere if you can find a spot, so long as you pay the BC parks guy $13 a night. We got lucky/pushy and got a spot right on the water!

Summary: sleeping, drinking, pancakes, marshmallows, hammocking, cards, beer pong, dancing, fire and jumping in the frigid lake. Also carrying a lot of stuff. Oh yeah, there was also a runaway canoe rescue.