This reading break I got to go for a visit to Australia with Dadio!

We touched down and immediately hit up the beach in Sydney.

We visited great nana’s old house while we were in Sydney.

We stayed at Nana and Grandpop’s house!

Oh. My. God. This is the skateboarding hole Wallis, August, Dulcie and I used to fall into, climb out of, fall into, climb out of.. GOOD TIMES. So nostalgic. What a good hole.

The first house I ever existed in!

Surprise visit to Chrissie!

DnD with Dad’s OG table top crew!

Cycling around Canberra with Ross

Black Mountain Tower

Long blacks

Hiking up to Square Rock with Dad and Auntie Michelle

Creepy crawlies on the way up! Those last ones spit honest to god ACID at you if you get too close. Michelle told us that when she was a kid, on her way home from school she had to pass through a narrow walkway teaming with them, wrapped around the trees in masses as thick as car tires.

At the top! Beauty. It’s no BC mountain peak, but the bush has it’s own unique beauty, especially alongside the monumental boulders of Square Rock and the blue, blue sky.

The trip flew by! Partially due to fun and partially due to distributed systems assignments with shitty Canberra internet speed. But just beacuse I’m feeling generous… here’s one last creepy crawly. Found this beauty in Nana and Grandpop’s bathroom.